Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions. Have more questions? Contact Us.

What is Bell MTS TV Stories From Home?

  • Stories From Home is the local programming service offered by Bell MTS TV in Manitoba
  • All of our programs are created by Manitoba residents for a provincial audience
  • It’s an opportunity for you to tell people about the community in which you live, the people and the events that shape your life
  • Stories From Home is a place for us to share stories, opinions and ideas. It’s an exploration of arts & culture, a spotlight on lifestyle, a gathering place for Manitoba history and a reflection of who we are

How are programs created?

  • Community Producers are the creative force behind all of our content. We’re looking for producers and producer teams willing to develop, create, shoot and edit their own shows
  • If you have an idea for a show but lack the expertise, we’ll offer mentorship and work with you to help find creative partners in your community

Who creates Stories From Home programming?

  • We’re looking for shows that promote a sense of pride and further our understanding of who we are as Manitobans
  • All of our content is factual, categorized mainly by documentary, lifestyle or variety TV
  • Programs that feature Manitoba arts, culture, people, history and lifestyle work really well for Bell MTS Stories From Home
  • Stories From Home does not offer support for scripted drama or comedy, news, investigative journalism or live events
  • Think long-term when developing your idea; we’re looking for content that can enjoy a long ‘shelf life’ in our library

Where do we produce programs?

Who sees the content once completed?

  • Stories From Home programming is available exclusively to Bell MTS TV customers in Manitoba
  • Programs are available 24/7, on demand and are free to watch

How are proposals selected?

  • Bell MTS TV selects proposals based on merit, originality, significance of place, affordability and feasibility
  • We want to share stories with Manitobans they might not hear any other way

How do I become involved?

  • To learn more or to submit an original program idea, please Contact Us